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Getting Started

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Hello Dr. Schwartz:
Back in November of 99 when I made the choice to build a coil, I knew zero
about one. I joined the pupman list and began by reading all the RQ material
at the pupman-dot-com website.
I next began asking questions of many experienced coilers with decent
webpages. I received very understanding and educational responses. I began a
3-ring binder.
Over several months, I formed an idea of the level of coil I wanted. I then
got serious about each module or part of the assembly(NST, TANK CAP,
SECONDARY, SPARK GAP etc) and narrowed research to each building each in
sequence. the discussions were lively...what kind of plastic to use for a
secondary; what kind of cap makes a good MMC? and so forth.
The net result, 11 months later, is a coil that while it might be a tad
conservative (900W NST) but it worked right out of the starting gate...the
first time I brought the variac to 90+ volts.
Check the few photos I've posted at http://www.flash-dot-net/~ford29/tesla

There are some good books. But most of what you need to know can be gotten
from the archives and this daily list. And it's fun.

Safety First

Ted Rosenberg

P.S. Today you'll find web based programs that do the math for you <smile>>
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>Dear People.
>can anyone suggest some books on building a Tesla coil for someone whose
>only knowledge of electricity is from a highschool class years ago
>Kindest regards,
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