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Re: double helix (and Vortex Streamers...) who knows the secret?

The photo is very real, this is of course the preliminary device one must
perfect in order to produce the "Tesla Death Ray" and the "Tesla Cavorite
Anti- Gravity Paint".  I have seen this phenomoena many times in the space
craft of my alien friends. If any of you would like more information I will
ask my friends tonite for permission to release the secret to the list. I
will see them when they pick me up for a visit to their city on Mars, the
one with the pyramid face...you know......

(I wouldn't take anything on Keelynet too seriously, there is some fact
mixed with fiction, and there are some interesting characters who hang out
there, I always enjoyed looking at their stuff for the entertainment value,
sometimes one needs a good chuckle..... you know? And now let's all be very
nice to the Keelynet genre folks, they have a right to believe whatever they
want. Hoax (something intended to deceive or defraud) is a pretty strong
word to use, I like "marketing tool". I wonder whatever happened to the
folks who wrote the book and how many copies they sold? That stuff is pretty
dated (1986).)

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> > Original poster: "tension" <tension-at-ntlworld-dot-com>
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> > Greetings,
> >                Does anyone have any info on a picture that was on the
> keelynet
> > that showed a double helix discharge from a pyramid form (as the
topload, and
> > also enclosing the coil). Is this a hoax picture ?
> >                         All the best---- Russell hicks
> Russell,
> This picture is most likely a hoax. For those who haven't seen it, the
> photo and its history can be found at:
> For a WHOLE host of reasons, I don't buy the photo... and I certainly
> don't buy any of the text that accompanies it, especially since the
> owners have an agenda and something to "sell".  This photo supposedly
> was the result of a 1-3 minute time exposure. Supposedly, the discharges
> were not actually visible, but only showed up afterwards in the photo.
> Now, long, non-branching streamers MIGHT be observed if the top terminal
> were a larger diameter sphere in perfectly still air. A spherical
> topload sometimes results in multiple vertically-rising streamers that
> subsequently coalesce into a single rotating vortex that looks sort of
> like an upside-down tornado.
> A coiler in Durango, Colorado (who's unfortunately not on this List, and
> who does not have email) recently showed a group of us a videotape of
> this phenomenon occuring on his high breakrate DC system. Multiple
> streamers would begin to "share" the rising heat, until they converged
> into a single streamer. The rising hot air would then seem to rotate at
> high velocity with the arc channel centered inside! It was speculated
> that this was due in part to operation at high altitude, but similar
> behavior has also been duplicated at sea level.
> Once formed, the vortex discharge would be fairly broad at the base,
> would gradually taper to a very sharp point-like discharge at the end,
> and would often persist for up to minutes at a time. The slightest
> breeze would disrupt it, and normal appearing streamers would then
> resume, starting the cycle anew. Interestingly, the length of a
> fully-formed vortex was often half again as long as typical streamers
> from the system - suggesting a thermally-assisted discharge. A stable
> vortex looked like a miniature blue-white rotating "fire storm"! I would
> expect that, if this was the phenomenon being photographed, the
> streamers should be very bright in the photo, particularly for long
> exposure times. In the KeelyNet photo, the very small top terminal
> almost screams out for multiple streamers.
> The bottom line: this picture simply doesn't look like a "real" photo.
> The streamers above the pyramid do not resemble corona, spark, or
> streamer discharges I've ever seen on any Tesla Coil (small, medium OR
> large...), including vortex streamers. I strongly suspect it is a
> doctored image, particularly since the owners are using it to help sell
> their Pyramid Energy hocum.
> -- Bert --
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