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Re: NST Charging Circuit Study

> I guess 12/60 and 9/60 are "rare" ;-))

Actually, when I was scrounging for NSTs last spring, I found about a half
dozen used
12/60s at a total of 4 shops.  One person at one shop laughed when I asked
for a used
15/60, becaues they are so rarely used in the sign business (use two
7.5/60s, or
something).  I found even more 9/60s.

I started wishing that I'd designed a 12kV TC, but I had already ordered
the parts
for a 15kV MMC.  Later, I started wishing I'd gone with a 12kV design due to
higher-than-expected current draws with my 15kV system.

Water under the bridge.

> >1.     Primary DC resistance.
> >2.     Secondary DC resistance.
> >3.     Open load AC current draw at rated input voltage.
> >
> >12/30

For one 12/30 I have in my "shop,"  I measure Rpri ~ .8ohm, Rsec =
20.2kohm, Ipri =
.42A, Isec = 31.2mA