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Pole Pig Simulation

Hi John C., Terry, 

I'm having a real difficult time with pole pig simulations for power
factor. The problem is the ballast. With a pole pig, it will easily draw
massive amps without any current limiting. I've been reading both your
responses and continue to integrate these more refined details to the

With your methods, it necessary to identify the VAR's to calc PF. However,
adding either series R, series L, or PFC, the phase angle between line V
and I change. 

Is it right to say that the PF could also be calculated this way: 

(assume 1 cycle here) 
Identify and the time of zero-crossing of line voltage; 
Identify the time for zero-crossing of line current; 

Then,  ARCCOS(Lead time / Lag time) = degree of phase angle? 
This angle can obvisouly be leading or lagging depending on the circuit. 

Again, a ballast really makes a mess of this. As L-Ballast is increased,
the phase angle increases and it also limits current (therefore, any
current or voltage reading past the ballast cannot be used for identifying
a PF based on Volt-Amps or Watts). If the method decribed above will
perform the same function, then I've got some interesting info about
ballast PF correction, but if not I could sure use some ideas.