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RE: Vortex gap loss measurements

Gary -

I checked out your excellent photos of your coil in action. I printed out
the scope trace of the waveform. The top part appears to be logarithmic and
the bottom part appears to be linear. Have you looked into this puzzle?

John Couture


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OK, I'm faster than I thought.  I repeated some of my measurements and
snapped pictures of the scope screen with my camera.  The images of the
ringdown are on my Vortex gap web page:


<http://people.ne.mediaone-dot-net/lau/tesla/vortexgap.htm> .

Regards, Gary Lau
Waltham, MA USA

		>Also, does your scope generate a data file? If so, can
		>you share it?

		It does, but it's in a format native to the Tektronix scope.
I haven't
		figured out how to convert it to a GIF or BMP (the scope is
borrowed from
		work and doesn't have a manual).  I didn't save any of the
traces since the
		slope measurements were easy to make with the cursors, but I
can repeat a
		subset of the measurements and just take a picture of the
screen with my
		digital camera.  [Crude, crude, crude!]  It may take a week
or so to find
		the time, but I'll post it to my web site with a heads-up to
the List when I