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NST Charging Circuit Study

Hi All,

	With all the recent talk of cap sizes, PFC caps, and break rates it would
not be that hard just to crunch through all the variables in MicroSim and
just come up with a set of tables.  However, I don't have all the
transformer data.

I need to know three things to model an NST:

1.	Primary DC resistance.
2. 	Secondary DC resistance.
3.	Open load AC current draw at rated input voltage.

The NST transformers that I need this data for are:

and any others that people may have a use for.

The resistances can be found with just about any ohmmeter.  The input
resistance will probably be very low but close is fine.

For the AC measurement, you will probably want to turn the voltage up and
down slowly with a variac.  Just switching an NST on suddenly may cause a
current surge that will pop the fuse in the multimeter.  Of course, beware
the output voltage.  There must be nothing at all connected to the output
terminals for this test.

If anyone would like to take this data or you already know it, please send
the info to:


Do be very careful of the high voltage and AC voltage on the third test!!

Thanks a bunch!,