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Re: Vortex gap loss measurements

Tesla list wrote:
> Original poster: "Daniel Boughton" <daniel_boughton-at-yahoo-dot-com>
> Bert:
> Excellent call to Morecroft (Terman the RF guru of
> Stanford defers to his(Morecroft on Spark Telegraphy)
> mastery of this subject that's how I discovered the
> book) and excellent summary too. Excellent points
> (gems)you brought up too:
> 1. The first current peak is responsible for burning
> open the channel and determines its resultant
> resistance.
> 2. Gap resistance is fairly stable for the remainder
> of the decrement.
> Thanks,
> Dan

	One reason Terman defers to Morecroft is that spark was practically
dead when he went off to Stanford in the early 1920's; there wasn't any
advancement after that time.  Terman was a ham and understood the
problems of RF long before he finished college.

	There are still copies of Zenneck's "Wireless Telegraphy" floating
around, and they are an excellent reference for those interested in
spark techniques.  I got my copy (1912 translation into English) at a
swap meet many years ago, but have seen other copies and suspect that a
used book dealer might be able to find one.