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Re: Big Primaries, Small Caps

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> Original poster: "Christopher Boden" <chrisboden-at-hotmail-dot-com> 
>  Would this mean that by twiddleing a bit more copper (say going from 15 up 
>  to 30 turns) I can save serious money on my MMC AND have LONGER streamers 
>  boot?
>  This is too easy, what's the catch?
>  Chris B.


The catch is that using a small primary capacitor, you'll need to
use a higher input voltage to keep the bang size the same.  large
bang sizes at low bps have proven to be more efficient at producing 
long sparks at least in my work at low powers.  But yes, if you
use more primary turns, and a smaller cap, at super high primary
voltages, your coil should give better overall efficiency.  Just double
your primary voltage, make the primary cap 1/4 the size, etc.

John Freau