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Re: capacitor discharge?

Hi Pholp,

If your systems is connected with the gap across the transformer.  The caps
should discharge back through the transformer windings when power is
removed.  Never "trust" that, but this does discaharge the caps almost
instantly when power is removed.



At 03:23 AM 9/4/00 +0000, you wrote:
>after i've run my tesla coil i always discharge my capacitors and disconnect 
>them from the primary circut. Capacitors are supposed to "hold a significant 
>amount of charge" after the coil is turned off, but i never get a spark or 
>anything when discharging.
>i use 6 .04 mf -at-5000vdc poly capacitors linked in a series and never get any 
>charge after coil is turned off.
>does anyone know what the deal is?
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