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Re: is this tube good for a VTTC?


Used in a push-pull Hartley Oscillator I've nearly completed.
When used previously, two tubes will handle 1kW class C all
day long when powered by a 1.0-1.1kW MOT in level shift
mode.  Even though tube is rated to 3kV, in level shift, tube
will tolerate peak excursion approaching 5kV.  With staccato
mode control, even higher output is possible. Tube is a direct
one for one swap with a 811-A (compatible pin outs and
mu's), just MUCH more robust with graphite anode.

Summarizing (with a MOT powering).
1 tube - 500W tank input, 6-8" discharge AC 7-10" LS.
2 tubes (push-pull), 1kW tank input, 10-11"AC, 12-13" LS.

Recommended tube in comparison to a 811A.

Dave Sharpe, TCBOR
Chesterfield, VA. USA

Tesla list wrote:

> Original poster: "Kevin D" <teslacoilfreak1-at-mediaone-dot-net>
> Hi,
> I was wondering if a Svetlana 572B "High-Mu Triode"
> could be used in a VTTC circuit?
> Here are its basic specs: (intermittant commercial and ameteur
> service-linear RF power amp. class B grounded
> grid max. raitings)
> Amplification factor: 170
> DC plate V: 2,750V
> DC plate I:  275mA
> DC plate input: 600W
> DC grid I: 50mA
> plate dissipation: 160W
> Also does anyone know were I might find a schematic that
> uses this tube or similar tube and if not would I be able to use a 833A type
> circuit???
> Thanks For Any Help!!
> Kevin D.