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RE: Unpotting and such

Check the Tesla List Archives as well as the Tesla Coil Webring. There I an
endless supply of information to be had on transformer unpotting.


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	Hey All,

	I've got a 15/30 franceformer that I want to unpot.  I've heard
that the freeze method is bad.  I'd do solvents, but I don't want to spend
the $$$ to buy them(not yet, anyway).  So can anybody give me tips on
melting the stuff off?

	Also...I'm thinking of keeping the origional case.  Can you use the
case and fill it with high-voltage oil?  I'd put a liner of bonded acrylic
in, or maybe just some sort of pre-made container that fit(I've got holes
already drilled in the base for the Xfmr).

	Sam Beck