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RE: Vortex gap loss measurements

OK, I'm faster than I thought.  I repeated some of my measurements and
snapped pictures of the scope screen with my camera.  The images of the
ringdown are on my Vortex gap web page:


<http://people.ne.mediaone-dot-net/lau/tesla/vortexgap.htm> .

Regards, Gary Lau
Waltham, MA USA

		>Also, does your scope generate a data file? If so, can
		>you share it?

		It does, but it's in a format native to the Tektronix scope.
I haven't
		figured out how to convert it to a GIF or BMP (the scope is
borrowed from
		work and doesn't have a manual).  I didn't save any of the
traces since the
		slope measurements were easy to make with the cursors, but I
can repeat a
		subset of the measurements and just take a picture of the
screen with my
		digital camera.  [Crude, crude, crude!]  It may take a week
or so to find
		the time, but I'll post it to my web site with a heads-up to
the List when I