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Re: Tubes + SCR's has no class!

Hey Robert, Tuber's,

I must agree with you to the point of posterity, But Those darn dudes keep 
out bidd'in me on e-bay for tho's Thyrotron's!!!!

In reality, I have had good luck with a 20 amp 400 volt SCR (the Whimps 
they are!!!) in Staccato mode with several (2) 833's...

Guy's: Just get your feet wet! Don't be a whimp!

Back to tubes: I do think the H2 Thyratrons have some interests, only "I" 
seem to have a problem getting one, BOOHOO!

Don't be afraid of bustin' tho's tubes Dave

At 09:20 PM 9/2/00, you wrote:
>Original poster: "Area31 Research Facility" <rwstephens-at-hurontario-dot-net>
>Tube Coilers,
>I just read..."An SCR can act as a switch to ground the cathode of the tube,
>thereby turning the oscillator on.  They are the preferred device for doing
>this" ?!!!!  Sure this might work but it surely is sacrilegious no?
>Wouldn't it be 'more proper' to keep it all half a century old technology and
>all tubes by going to a mercury or gas thyratron tube between the oscillator
>tube cathode and the system ground. Forget the modern SCR. If you think an 
>looks more macho than a cold bank of power mosfets, you're gonna absolutely
>love a big thyratron tube plugged in next to it!
>I've experimented along this vein and found the mercury thyratron to be
>extremely easy to implement and trigger, not to mention indestructible.
>You don't need a large one either.  One smaller one I tried was the same
>envelope size and shape as an 807 and worked well on the bottom of four 
>Robert W."You can have my tubes when you can pry them from my cold dead
>fingers" Stephens
>AREA31 Research Facility
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> > An SCR can act as a switch to ground the cathode of the tube, thereby 
> turning
> > the tube oscillator on.  They are the preferred device for doing this, from
> > what I have heard.  (In Staccato mode, the oscillator is pulsed every few
> > cycles to keep duty cycle low.)  What is needed is an SCR that can handle
> > about
> > 20 - 40 amps and 600 volts...that kind of fat.  (I don't understand why 
> they
> > don't need to stand up to the full plate potential, since it seems to 
> me that
> > the floating cathode would lose electrons to the plate until it was at the
> > same
> > voltage.  Can someone explain?) This kind of part is usually a stud-mount
> > thing.  I tried to order one a while back from a surplus joint, but first
> > they
> > wanted $17 for it and secondly they didn't have it in stock.  They're not
> > hard
> > to come by, I just don't feel right spending more for the SCR than I 
> did for
> > my
> > tube (ten bucks).
> >
> > >>>(One of these days I will get around to putting together a true staccato
> > >>>driver and I'll put a big fat SCR in the cathode lead for it.)
> >
> >
> > >I've got a big fat SCR....ideas?
> >
> > Make a tube coil and use it for staccato.  Or, give it to me!!
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