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RE: winding the primary?

Hi All,
One must remember that when you buy tubing in a box, it is already wound in
a coil. So all you have to do is reposition it on your form with a minimum
of bending. This will result in a perfect looking coil that your mother
would be proud of with no zigzags or wobbles and all the turns are equally
spaced perfectly.

Reap the benefits, let someone else do the work.


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oops, here's that link...   http://www.fwpd-dot-net/dona/tesla/primary.htm
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>  For the *perfect* primary see the link below. Many people use this method
> but never bother to describe it in detail. There's not much to it, but it
> requires a band saw and a drill press. I don't have either of those tools
> (yet) so I'm going to make my primary coil at school. A rotozip (spiral
> in a router table with a hand drill might work alright, but it's best not
> improvise too much. Good luck.
>     -Michael
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> Subject: winding the primary?
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> >
> > hi all,
> >
> > i am winding my primary and it is really starting to hack me off! i am
> using
> > 1/4in od copper tube. it is a pancake coil that is 9 turns and it wont
> stay
> > in place does anyknow "the KEY" to getting a perfet primary? i have seen
> > some real nice ones and i just cant see how. some say just work
> > slowly...well that dount seem to work i haev spent more time on the
> primary
> > then i spent winding the secondary.
> >
> > also i am looking for a varic ya i have seen them for sale but ya know
> is
> > always a issue and they are likr 160 dollers does that seem right? does
> > anyone know how i can optian one for cheaper or is this as cheap as they
> > come?
> >
> > thanks alot,
> >
> > MIKE
> >
> >
> >
> >