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Re: Vortex gap loss measurements

In a message dated 9/2/00 7:45:02 PM Pacific Daylight Time, tesla-at-pupman-dot-com 
>  >Gary,
>  >
>  >Nice experiments.  It's good to see a measurement for that.  Now
>  >it will be interesting to see if it translates into visibly longer sparks.
>  Unfortunately that's going to be a problem - my garage walls and ceiling 
>  now the limiting factors in how long a spark I can make.


Would it be worthwhile to deliberately reduce your power input (via the
variac setting) to shorten the sparks to a certain measureable length?
I have the same space constraints which is why I usually limit my 
sparks to 42" or so.  Then keep your power input constant.... and 
test the various gap configurations.
>  >Then there's the question of the sync gap and what it's comparative
>  >capabilities may be in further tests.  (I know that so far your sync
>  >gap sparks were shorter than the air blast static gap sparks.)
>  I'm not ready to conclude that my sync RSG wasn't as good, I probably need
>  to play around more with the phase and who knows what else, but there's 
>  so many things...

OK, I understand, more tests are needed.

John Freau