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24" secondary

Hi everyone,
I recently discovered a piece of 24" white PVC pipe about 10+ feet long at a
local farm near me that I might be able to someday use.  however, I have never
wound a secondary that large in diameter before and I was wondering how I would
go about doing something like that.  
    Do I need to space wind it? what does spacewinding achieve, voltage
insulation between turns?
    What guage wire should I use (is 14g too lossy?)
    And, should I wind it to around 1600 turns (John Freau? -- BTW, I have
noticed that John frequently mentions that more turns seem to be more
efficient, but no one else seems to acknowlege his claims or discuss them...)
with say a 5:1 aspect ratio or go for the traditional 900 or so turns?
also, if I do spacewind it, what if tightwound insulated wire is used instead
of enameled wire to achieve the spaces?
thank you all for your advice