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Harry Goldman Collection


I would like those interested to have a look at a porton
of Harry Goldman's (TCBA News) collection of coils and
related items.

Harry lives about 50 miles from me, and for the last year or
so, I have been visiting with him to discuss various 
electro-therapeutic machines that use Tesla technology etc.

He has an interesting collection, and I have wanted to photograph
it now for sometime. A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity
to do this and created a webpage to show the pictures.

I only had the chance to photograph some of the machines, but
I include some small tabletop coils as well. Take a look at:


click on sparks, and then click on 'an interesting colection'

NOTE, I used dhtml which requires javascript to work. All the
images preload, so it seems to take along time for what looks
like only one image, however, it doesn't take any longer than
if I had all the images on one long scrollable page.

I still have more work to do on these pages, like a non javascript
version etc. Be sure to take a look at some of my collection as
well. It includes a very large 14" diameter pancake coil using
the Oudin technique and multiple spark gaps (I need a suitable
transformer for this machine 2-5000 volts 5 amps.)