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RE: Sync motor(s)

Hi Michael,

For 3600rpm you only need two flats (four flats are for 1500/1800 motors)
and 1.5cm sounds a perfectly reasonable flat size.  Most people now ignore
the advice about counting dead poles and instead just go by why works right.
I've converted both a 1/4HP and a 1/2HP motor and only needed 20mm and 16mm
respectively.  (A picture of the smaller rotor can be found on my site at
http://www.pyrochrome-dot-net/tesla.)  The more even and parallel the flats, the
better balanced the rotor and the less vibration, but it's perfectly
possible to do a workable job using an angle grinder or even a file (if
you've got the patience ;-).  With care I don't see why you shouldn't be
able to use a bench grinder.

Hope this helps,


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Hello All,
I'm thinking of converting a small motor of mine to synchronous. However,
I looked inside to determine the size of the flat, I found it to be *really*
tiny. Look at the diagram at 
There is only one dead pole per side... This is kind of strange because the
flats required would only be about 1.5cms across! That's tiny. The motor I
would like to use is only 1/15 hp, but that should be good enough.
Another motor I was planning to covert to sync is 1/4hp at 3450 rpm. Some
questions about this:
Do the flats have to be perfect? You can do this with a simple angle grinder
right? How could you remove enough material? 
I'll be making 4 flats for 3600rpm sync right?
Would a bench grinder work to mill the flats?
Any help would be much appreciated,