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Inductor to sense BPS rates

Concerning using an wide looped inductor to record bps
rates< the following method was used in a large
induction coil system in high frequency, somewhat
different that a tesla coil system. I have placed
several jpeg files at driveway-dot-com   Type in teslafy
and password gefeveqy Following is a breif description

DzlB241.jpg shows a 600 BPS rate detected with the
inductor in a longitudinal position in the coils
magnetic field. The advantage of magnetic field
observations is that the spikes in relation to the  60
hz AC cycle can be seen

DzlD366.jpg shows the  scope form of the same sensor
placed at the arc bars between the large induction
Bipolar coils arc gap. This shows a  different BPS of
8 * 60= 480 BPS  The BPS rates are determined mostly
by the load being vibrated, and the width of the gaps.
 In these cases a water cell is the load

DzlF251.jpg shows the inductor between the arc gaps.

All these files now appear to be organized in
thumbnail  fashion for viewing.  

It does not appear possible to view them in list
format, where a breif description of jpegs were made.
I have a low opinion of driveway-dot-com, it seems like
each time I use their service it acts differently in


Binary Resonant Systemhttp://www.insidetheweb-dot-com/mbs.cgi/mb124201

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