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a scaler wave is set up any time a potential of eaqual charge is sent
in  oposite directions in close proximity to each other. the easyest
example that was shown to me was a common lamp cord. if the cord is
seperated, and an amp clamp is plased on the "positive side" a reading
is obtained. if placed on the "negative or neutral" a reading is
obtained. but if placed over both, no reading at all. some say that they
cancle each other out. but we know that energy can neither be created
nor distroyed. the reasult is a scaler wave. these waves are not easy to
detect,at least not for me, not yet. the human brain works the same way
in a sense, right side, left side.
the earth has natural scalers, north pole - south pole, seperated by a
core of no charge.
though this does not seem to be tc related this is the work that i am
trying to do, with my coil-s. the potential of energy on this rotating
rock is stagering. one example is that the potential diferance between
our head and our feet is sugested to be 600v.
to be shure the top minds are working on this principal, just think of
nasa's tethered satalite project.
 though these principals seem off tesla coil topic, the tesla coil is at
the very foundation of the discoverys at hand. if more coilers would
work towards the end result with there systems a new age could be
ushered in for all.