Re: drying coil forms

> Hi Guys,
> I just thought of a great way to stay dry and possibly make the job easier.
> Try wrapping  a sheet of that Home Depot vareity polyethelene sheet around a
> pvc pipe (how you are going to get it to stay there is beyond me though.
> Nothing seems to stick to this stuff). You can use the 4 or 6 mil stuff, it
> doesn't matter. Apply the windings and then the coating. After it cures you
> could probably slide the whole thing off the PVC pipe and then the
> polyethelene sheet could then be removed with a simple tug!

<snip snip snip>

I made a custom port for a speaker box about two years ago in a similar
fashion.  I made a insert out of Styrofoam and covered it with poly
sheeting.  I
then wrapped the form with 1" wide fiberglass strips in a cross weave pattern.
When the entire unit was built up to where I needed it I simple poured some
Acetone into the center cavity dissolving the foam insert then removed the poly
and finished the port off.  I do not see why this would not work for a
coil as well.