Re: paralleling NST

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> Hi all,I was wondering what is better.1 12kv30ma nst or 2 9kv30ma
> nst?Can anyone explain how to parael them?I was told they are in perfect
> phase with each other.
> matt

Hi Matt,

If you look at the power, the 2 parallelled NST's win (540VA against 360VA).
The influence of the higher voltage of the 12kV/30mA is however that you can
load much more charge per 'bang' in the primary cap (Energy = 1/2 Capacity *
Voltage squared), so you must choose between a higher repetition rate or a
possible larger spark... hmmm tough choice. If you are planning resonant
charging of the primary cap ('matched' cap), this advantage is not relevant
So, all things considered I would go for the parallelled option.

If you go for the parallelled NST's consider this:  AC is DC which change
direction 60 (or 50) times per second. So, if you freeze time AC = DC and
you could say that the two + sides of the main connectors must be connected
together and the two - sides. If you do the same with the HV connectors the
two NST's are what they call 'in phase' and they will give you at least
9kV/60mA (multiplied 540VA). If the two NST's are of the same type you only
have to connect all the same connectors on the two NST's together. If you
make an error and you interchange one connector you will get... 0 Volt (+
on - = shortcut or when time is on again 'out of phase'). The shortcut is no
problem for the NST's because of the current limiting magnetic shunts in
them, but in that case you must interchange the main or HV connectors again.

Greetings from very dark but still warm Holland,

Ruud de Graaf