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Dan and Matt,

That's what I thought the first time I paralleled two identical France 
xformers. You would think that two clearly labeled transformers from the same 
manufacturer would be wound in the same direction. Uh uh.
I paralleled the two transformers and tested them by drawing an arc to case 
ground from each side.  I thought they were correctly hooked up when I got a 
1/2-inch spark. I finally got it right when Gary Lau explained to me that the 
arc to case ground
should be a juicy 1 1/2 to two inches in length, similar to what you see on a 
Jacobs Ladder.

Another method is to connect the primaries to a variac. Tie together just one 
side of the transformers and put a VOM across the other two secondary 
terminals. SLOWLY increase the variac. Parallel transformers will show little 
or no voltage on the VOM. The voltage will rise if the xformers are connected 
in series. 

Happy day,
Ralph Zekelman

<< As far as paralleling them, it is pretty easy to do. If you have two of
 the same brand/model/identicle units, the "left" terminal should be in
 phase with the "left" terminal of the other unit. This goes for the 120
 line side as well as the High Voltage output side. And don't be afraid or
 worried to try it...you won't damage them if it is wrong...if wired
 incorrectly they won't spark. This is one are where an NST is pretty
 rugged. >>