Re: !Salt Water Caps and Heavy Formula's!

Hi John, (popular name on the list, you know!)

As always the archives of www.pupman-dot-com gives the answer:

I don't think glass is an option for you. First because of the volume you
need (low break through limit multiplied with dielectric constant) and
second because of the power loss.
Polyethelene is the best material and can be baught in the agri-culture
business for reasanable prices. Another proposition is mayonnaise buckets
where they sell french frieds (If you ask nicely for free!). Search in the
archives of www.pupman-dot-com for 'bucket cap' for manufactering details.

If you are bored I suggest you enter http://electronics2000-dot-com/page2.html
in your favorite browser and hit the Enter key. I garantee that boredom will
not exist for you for a long time!

Greetings from Holland and success with your project (maybe you can tell us
what your plans are?),

Ruud de Graaf

> Original Poster: "Info Host-1" <Info-at-host-1.freeserve.co.uk>
> Hi,
>     I was on CO2 Laser Growers previously and thought that there was a
> amount of chatter on there, little did I know I'd be getting 30+ mails a
> when I joined this list! :^)
>     Anyway, cut to the chase, does anyone know where can I find a LOAD of
> information on salt water capacitors and their manufacture? I'm looking at
> getting a hefty ~0.8uF -at- ~40Kv capacitor potted for me but I'd like to
> what my other options are first (Obviously for financial reasons). Any
> detailed documents would be of great use. It's for operation at very high
> frequencies (I.e 80 or less nanoseconds).
>     Secondly, where can I read up on LCR circuits, qubic equations ect? I
> spent my last period off school ill reading 150 pages on particle physics
> I'm no stranger to extreme boredom. Does anyone know of some good books
> recently published or web sites with info on?
> Thanks,
> John