Re: Different secondary design ?

Greg Leyh did something similar for Electrum.  Wind the coil on a cardboard
form, encapsulate in resin, then wash the cardboard away with high pressure

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Subject: Different secondary design ?

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>Hi all,
>Is it possible to create a secondary without a pipe on the inside I asked
>If so, there would be no loss from the PVC I now use.
>The idea was to use a PVC pipe and grease it slightely, or use mylar or
>something else
>to put between the PVC and copper windings to be removed later, wind the
>aroud it, coat it, and of course let it get hard, gentely pull the PVC out
>clean the
>wire from whatever youv'e put between it and coat it several times for
>strenghtening the
>wire from collapsing on it's own
>Or maybe if done with mylar inbetween, leave the mylar as your secondary
>So, is this something that has potential, or has someone allready done this
>I reallise this can only be done with rather small TC's, `cause a big coil
>would fall in on it's
>own weight.
>greetings from Jeroen Kooiman from a really HOT and sunny (30C) Holland