Re: Triple Capacity MWO Method/ Optical Illusion Found

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I dont
> > think
> > hardly a single one of these  higher
> > us(microsecond)traces observed in real time and
> not
> > yet reviewed as taped material will show a
> completed
> > beam trace. I will post this on the next page,... 
I dont guess that will be shown on the next page
since examination of pause frames show that this never
actually occurs as a previous signal, it simply
reignites as another high freq spike as would be
expected. An optical illusion is percieved by the
rapid 200 us traces. From one sweep frame to the
next,one can see the high freq spike occuring  sooner
in the next sweep across the screen. The decaying
signal is percieved as a thicker trace that stops, and
when the next sweep is viewed, the high freq event
starts a little sooner on that sweep, which when
viewed in real time smears together to look like the
signal has decayed to an end and reformed before the
actual end of the decay, thus these particular
observations noted in the previous entry were
due to an optical illusion. I should have looked
futher into this before sending the previous letter,
will be more cautious in the future. Unfortunately the
last letter contained another ten fold oversight, the
continuity of high freq events are broadly displayed
across the sweep at .2ms/div in 1/500th sec , not the
mentioned 2ms/div-at-50th sec.  Some of those traces, and
the  signals obtained from the other red inductor in
both orientations at 500,000 hz are planned for the
next page. Sorry for the many mistakes. HDN

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