Re: 2 spools?

Hi Bryan,

Since you already have the wire you could solder the wires together by
removing the insulation from the ends of the wire and then tape them down to
something that won't melt "butt-to-butt" and then solder them together
trying to make the joint as small and spherical as possible(Try to remove
the soldering iron and solder at the same time.)If there are any protrutions
remove them with a fine file or sandpaper. after the solder sphere is
smoothed give the jointed area a few good coats of polyurethane(I think
spray polyurethane would be best.)Now when you wind the coil make sure the
solder joints protrude as little as possible,when you coat the coil with
poly. make sure the solder joints are coated real good.
I have not tried this myself,but I think that if the joints are kept as
smooth and small as possible and well insulated with poly. it should work
o.k. at low power...say less than a1kW.The tricky part is going to be the
soldering,cut a length of wire and practice first.

It would be easier to just return the wire and get a larger single spool but
you would have to pay for return shipping and maybe have to pay a restocking
fee,that is if the company you purchased the wire from allows the return :(

Again I hope this helps,
Kevin Dalpe

BTW: I am just a beginer so if the above does not work
please don't blame me.