Re: Rectification and asundry Shtuff.

hi shad
 there is a company by me that sells applience repair parts(you name it
they got it).
 they have hv diodes cheap 12kv 550ma about $4.00, 15kv 750ma about$8.00
and so on. they also sell mot's 4.1kv 350ma anode and much more. there #
is 1-800-783-2680, shore appliance parts,euclid ohio. they have a lot of
goodies the catalog is well worth geting.
 i have a couple coils that have splices in the wire, they work fine.
60"+ discharges.
i just scraped the mag wire clean then twisted together tightly with
linemans plieres, after that i cut the twist close with side cutters(1-2
twists)then folded over in the direction of the wraping. after i sprayed
the whole sec. coil with motor varnish i put a dab of hot glue on the
splice flattened it ot with a wet finger befor it cooled. then sprayed
it again. i read the resistance of the coil to check for a good
conections and have never had a problem of any kind from it.
 i would have liked to do it all in one run but you have to do what you
have to do. i was using 21awg wire at the time so a smaller might be a
little tougher.
anyway get the catalog you might even be able to fix that old washing
machine. marc