Re: neon primary?

Tesla List wrote:
> Original Poster: Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>

> Of course, you could always give it a try even with a extra turn or two
of neon
> tubing...  who knows...  I would think adding neon around a Tesla coil could
> add some neat effects!  Maybe a toroid filled with gas.  The resistance could
> be very high in that case...  Maybe like a plasma ball that could reach
out and
> get you ;-))  Many possibilities there...

I remember seing in an old instrument catalog a demonstration device
that was a transformer made of two flat coils of neon tube. They were
mounted at some distance and one of them was lighted by an induction
coil. The other would light up too if short-circuited. I will try to
find a picture.

Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz