Re: ballasting

This wouldn't be a bad place to start...

Most older welders (i.e. non solid state PWM supply types) use a variable
amount of leakage inductance in the transformer to create the correct V/I
characteristic to produce a stable arc (i.e. the arc has a negative slope
V/I, so you add a series impedance (that is, the leakage inductance) that
has a positive V/I characteristic to compensate).

Often, this takes the form of a magnetic shunt that slides in and out driven
by a knob or lever..

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>Original Poster: "Daniele Bortoluzzi" <dbortoluzzi-at-sogeda.it>
>Tnx Cabbot,
>I also read about welders as limiters...
>There is a industrial scrap place near home that always have LARGE
>I would like to dismantle one of these to recover the variable
>transformerand parts  and use them to build  a variable inductive load. I
>going the right way ?
>Ciao a tutti
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>>> Original Poster: "Daniele Bortoluzzi" <dbortoluzzi-at-sogeda.it>
>> > I was wondering about power limiting issues, in effect a friend told
>>> primary ballast, is it resistive or inductive, will reduce the voltage
>>input to the transformer.. is this right ?
>>Yes, well, sort of.  In fact the resistive ballast DOES limit the voltage
>>going into the NST or pig, therefore limiting the voltage output.  An
>>inductive ballast, however, limits the CURRENT more than the voltage,
>>achieving higher voltage in the primary. :)
>>> So, what do you think is the good combination ?  Variac and ballast ?
>>> only ? Variable ballast only ???
>>It's a tough choice, we've all thought about that one. I personally have
>>together my ballast with a combination of the two.  I have yet to get my
>>'big bruiser' coil operating however, because of my brain injury.
>>> Imagine I want to build a "Triac based" (I have a 400 Volt 20 Ampere
>>> absosption limiter rated
>>> for something like 1.5KVA maximum, am I going the right way to limit
>>> absorption from the transformer ?
>>> Is this triac suitable for coil use ???
>>> This cause I would like to have a "precise" limiting value... with a
>>> tweedling knob there to play with power ;)
>>That would be fun to do! regardless of the risk of limiting any power.