Recieved several letters asking for meaning of MWO,
heres a reply I sent to a tesla list member.
> It was George Lakhovsky, an aquaintance of Teslas
> from
> France who may have coined the term for his medical
> high freq apparatus, named the Multiple Wave
> Oscillator. No one seems to know precisely how he
> constructed his circuit, but the antenna system
> shows
> many different loops of different areas, each which
> can be arced to itself by a small air gap. His idea
> was to create many different frequencies
> simultaneously. Supposedly if one stands in front of
> this antenna, the miniscule coiled forms in the
> cells
> nucleus are also stimulated into resonance. This is
> from "The Lakhovsky MWO Handbook" obtained from
> Borderland Sciences. "It has been theorized that
> every
> cell in your body has a specific vibratory rate. 
> When
> the cell ages or becomes diseased its rate changes.
> The MWO produces a full spectrum of vibratory rates
> that resonate with cells to restore them to
> oscillatory equilibrium." I have used a variation of
> this process to treat my own gout.
>     Particular use of the name Multiple Wave
> Oscillation as I am using implies several things. It
> does not necessarily produce several frequencies at
> the same time on a single inductor, but many
> different
> sizes and geometries of inductors all in the same
> field will record different frequencies from the
> same
> field. Normally when the process is working well it
> also shows multitraced forms when the signals are
> monitored on an oscilloscope. The process will often
> show some of the waves coexisting out of phase. A
> phase may be only 60 degrees out of phase, but when
> body capacity is interfaced with the circuit it
> reveals a 180 phasing. Some inductors such as the
> square one I am testing from a microwave oven, seem
> to
> continually show these 180 phasings, without a body
> interface, other inductors do not show the 180 form
> without body influence. These 180 forms are referred
> as scalar forms, since nothing should actually be
> recorded by the scope since some sort of
> cancellation
> of the signals should be taking place, however this
> does not occur. Another observed characteristic is
> the
> production of  uncohered scope forms when looking at
> the process at lower freq sweep rates. Initially in
> the investigation all of the scope forms showed this
> characteristic, to see any kind of organization one
> had to view these scope forms a sweep at a time, as
> is
> done on the MWO video on the homepage. It was also
> found that employing the TV coupling switch on the
> scope would decode this activity as a coherant form,
> as viewed as the scalar form on the second page. At
> the freq sweep rates where uncohered sisgnals can be
> found in the newer processes, such as the triple
> capacity method, the high freq events can be seen
> sliding down the cycles time line, possibly two
> sliding in opposite directions. When these forms
> intersect with each other when they are in phase
> they
> produce a summed form of twice the amplitude, then
> later a scalar form when the signals are oppositely
> phased. This has been attributed to scope
> malfunction
> and improper triggrering of the scope, ect, but what
> makes me wonder is why do the forms sum if they are
> imaginary? HDN
 Binary Resonant System

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