Re: secondary thoughts

> Original Poster: "Kelly Shutt" <tcatut-at-mail.utexas.edu>
> ok, i had a thought the other day... most of you that make your own caps
> suggest that you pump the air out to reduce the corona... i was wondering
> this would work for a secondary... after building it have a hole where you
> can pump all the air out...  i seem to remember someone making a post a
> while back about their secondary arching on the inside... i was just
> wondering if this could be done to reduce the chances of it arching
> internally
> peace,
> TC :)

Kelly, List,

I have seen one coil that was fully oil-filled (used three tubes with the
secondary being in the middle if I remember right, been several years).

A commonly used method is to fully dry the form first, coat it, and then
put acrylic disks in the middle of the coil near each end (a couple inches
in from the end of where the secondary winding ends).  I've used as many
as five sheets down the center of the secondary on large coils.

David L. McKinnon
D&M's High Voltage