moderator note...

Hi All,

The list is obviously pretty much working again. :-))

I wanted to say a special note of thanks to Chip Atkinson, the list owner,
for doing a lot of work these last few days in fixing what ever went wrong.
 YEA CHIP!!!  I know he has been really chasing this mess and it is NOT
easy...  I have not heard what went wrong and I guess it is not totally
fixed yet...  Apparently it is "really nasty"...

The posts you have seen today may have been posted at random times over the
last few days so the timing may be a bit confusing...

There may be a few duplicates here and there but I tried to weed them out
the best I could...

Thanks for everyone's understanding in all this.  I was on the lucky side
since all "I" had to do was say "Chip, it's broke!!" ;-))