Re: Another doorknob cap question

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 Thanks for showing me that the other doorknob caps would be impractical
 to use. Now I have found a new set of doorknob caps. You all are
 probably saying, "Give up on the doorknobs!" Well, I found these: 0.004
 MF 20 KV doorknob capacitors. Is there any series/parallel configuration
 to use on these so they would work with a 15/30 NST. If I understand
 correctly. series drops capacitance but increases voltage rating, but
 does parallel increase capacitance but keep voltage rating the same? I
 am only familiar with wiring speakers in series and parallel, not
 capacitors. If you boo-hoo this idea, I will probably go with saltwater
 caps. These doorknob caps just seem to be a less messy/bulky way of
 doing things if I could find a combination that works! Anyway, thanks in
 advance for your help.

Your theory on caps in parallel and series is correct.  I am using two .004 
ufd mica transmitting caps rated at 20 kv in parallel on my small coil 
running at 12 kv 60 ma.  I haven't had any problem with them.  They are white 
in color, round, about 2.4" in diameter and about .75" thick.  There are 
threaded inserts on each side.  These came from D.C. Cox (Dr. Resonance) - 
and I thank him again.

Ed Sonderman