Re: MMC setup

Hi Arthur,

I like the setup #1.  I think you may need more than two strings but it is hard
to be sure.  You may have 17 amps RMS in the primary which would be on the edge
for just two strings.  I think #1 should be bullet proof.  However, you may be
able to go up to 13 or 14nF of primary capacitance if you have a sync rotary
and such at 120 BPS so you may want to leave room for future expansion.



At 10:34 AM 05/10/2000 +1000, you wrote: 
> Hi all,
>        I have a few MMC setups that I am thinking of and would greatly
> appreciate any advice.Cap availability and price have narrowed down the
> choice of caps to these specs.Transformer 15kv  30ma.
>        Wima MKP10  8.2nf  2000vdc/700ac         Setup 1       $0.38 each
>        Wima FKP1  0.1uf  1600vdc/650ac            Setup 2       $2.10 each
> Setup 1- 15 in series by 12 strings=0.0065uf
>                                       15 strings=0.0081uf
> Setup 2- 30 in series by 2 strings=0.0066uf
>               25 in series by 2 strings=0.008uf
> The first setup in each is for transformer/cap match, the second for LTR cap
> match.I hope to be able to run the coil for 15-25 minute intervals.
>          thanks in advance,
>                                       Arthur.