RE: special thanks

Behind the scenes thanks should also go to Ray Strubinger and Luke Mester,
both of whom have provided the machines and disk space for me to set up a
web site for this tesla list.  If you have ever gone to www.pupman-dot-com you
have felt thier contributions.

Other people who have made significant contributions to the list are
Storey Clamp, the first remote list moderator, and to all the people on the
list who keep it alive, vital, and useful.

Oh, and to all of you for your patience over the past few days.

Chip Atkinson
List owner,
tesla list

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> Subject: special thanks
> Original Poster: "Jeffery Pederson" <kd4lyh-at-webtv-dot-net> 
> I hope Im not being to formal being that I havent met you 
> guys in person
> but Id like to thank Ed wingate for the rotory spark gap, Terry Fritz
> for his help with mmc,s and commercial cap specs, Bert 
> Hickman for help
> with commercial cap specs and current transformers, Dave of D&M,S HIGH
> VOLTAGE, Ed Sonderman, Richard Hull and his book Tesla Coil Builders
> Guide to the Colorado Springs Notes, Bert Pool for sharing 
> some info on
> magnifier systems, D.C. Cox and Duane A. Bylund and many more on the
> list
> Regards Jeff