Re: New coil parameters for check

> Original Poster: "Andy Cleary" <gemware2-at-dreamscape-dot-com> 

Hi Andy, 
Well, I see 2 problems with this design. 

First, the cap size with a primary of 4.2 turns would need to be 0.46uF! This
is way too large by a magnitude. I assume, there is something wrong with the
input values used in WinTesla. I don't use it (it won't install on my pc due to
my pc - I've got the same problem with JHCTES program). However, if you
increase your primary turns to around 13.5, then you end up with a more
realistic cap size of 0.04uF. I'm not sure what your planning on using for a
cap size, but 0.04uF and 13.5 turns would actually be a nice choice for this

Secondly, the output of the supply transformer is low. I would seriously
consider increasing the supply to around 15kv or so. You must make the cap
capable of at least 40kv if you do this. If you double the voltage processed,
you increase your power processed by 4, and thereby increase spark length

The coil is large enough to process quite a bit of power and a pole pig of
course would make a nice supply. 

Take care, 
>         I am planning a new Tesla coil, to be shown at the Electrothon 2000 
> demonstration this June.  If you would take a glance at the following data 
> (Direct from Wintesla), I would be delighted to hear your comments.  The 
> only thing that I am concerned about is the small number of primary turns 
> required (4).  That is probably due to the low voltage, high current 
> transformer.  Is that low number acceptable?  I would also like the system 
> to be capable of using a pole pig in the (hopefully near) future. 
> Primary Transformer Output Voltage (VAC) 
> 5000.0000 
> Primary Transformer Rated Current (AMP) 
>  0.6400 
> Primary Transformer Input Frequency (HZ) 
> 60.0000 
> Primary Transformer Input Voltage (VAC) 
> 115.0000 
> Primary Coil Inside Diameter (IN) 
> 10.5000 
> Primary Coil Wire Diameter (IN) 
>  0.2500 
> Primary Coil Wire Spacing (IN) 
>  0.2400 
> Primary Coil Number of Turns 
>  4.2000 
> Primary Coil Angle From Horizontal Plane (DEGREES) 
>  0.0000 
> Secondary Wire Diameter (IN) 
>  0.0285 
> Secondary Coil Total Outside Diameter (IN) 
>  8.5000 
> Length of Secondary Coil (IN) 
> 45.0000 
> Secondary Wire Gauge 
> 21.0000 
> Secondary Turns/Inch 
> 33.3333 
> Top Load Capacitance (PF) 
> 32.9609 
> Sphere Radius/Toroid Tube Diameter (IN) 
>  6.0000 
> Toroid Diameter Tube Center-to-Center (IN) 
> 25.0000 
> -Thank you again, I cherish your advice, 
> Andy Cleary