MMC setup

Hi all,
       I have a few MMC setups that I am thinking of and would greatly
appreciate any advice.Cap availability and price have narrowed down the choice
of caps to these specs.Transformer 15kv  30ma.
       Wima MKP10  8.2nf  2000vdc/700ac         Setup 1       $0.38 each
       Wima FKP1  0.1uf  1600vdc/650ac            Setup 2       $2.10 each
Setup 1- 15 in series by 12 strings=0.0065uf
                                      15 strings=0.0081uf
Setup 2- 30 in series by 2 strings=0.0066uf
              25 in series by 2 strings=0.008uf
The first setup in each is for transformer/cap match, the second for LTR cap
match.I hope to be able to run the coil for 15-25 minute intervals.
         thanks in advance,