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 To All -

 These two programs are similar, however, when comparing them the following
 should be noted.

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 4. Primary Capacitor -  In WinTesla this parameter is an output. In JHCTES
 this parameter is an input. This should make it easier to design the
 circuit because you can input the capacitor capacitance that you have in
 stock or can easily obtain. When you change the primary capacitor with the
 JHCTES the computer will do all of the necessary calculations to keep the
 system in tune.


*** It's kind-of an output, the way I use it is to vary the primary turns to
match your actual value, since in practice, you will probably be able to
change your primary tap easier than your primary C.


With the JHCTES the tuning would normally be with the primary turns and not
the primary capacitor.

 John H. Couture


*** I don't have a non "cripple-ware" version of JHCTES, so I can't compare
them myself.  I designed WinTesla using whatever info I could get from
discussions on this list.  If there are bugs, point them out, and I will fix
them in the next version. Thanks for your input, I don't get much feedback.

*** R. Scott Coppersmith


The JHCTES Ver 3.1 is now a freeware download at