Re: Commercial cap specs for tesla cap

Hi Jeff,


> Ive always used commercial caps. Id be willing to build this mmc if they
> will work at 14.4KV/5-6KVA and I could have a .05-.06 mfd-at-30KV/ACrms or
> close to it. Sorry for the long Post.
> Best Regards Jeff

Jeff, I'm certain Terry has records somewhere of destructive tests he
performed on mmc type caps, but if your looking for an 'in-use' example then
I can say that my MMC still behaves the same as it did when I built it about
a year ago and have previously ran it at up to 15.9KV/10Kva for 5 minutes at
a time with no noticeable heating or performance variations. I am now
running the identical cap at 33Kv/15Kva, (which is very close to it's DC
rating), and it is still performing well. I read somewhere that MMC's would
not be suitable for high power systems, but the voltage/power I run through
my cap now is fairly 'up-there' and if it did fail, only a 'section' would
go and is far cheaper to repair than a whole cap.

Best Regards,

 Robin Copini.