Re: New solid state pictures

Hi Richie, all,

Great description of your work on your web site. Continuos wave coils (tube
based) have been somewhat of a interest of mine over the last few years.
Last Summer I experienced a example of the secondary coil heating, as you
describe, that actually caused it to "burn" up! Yes, smoke and small
flames! This was while running with grid audio modulation (filtered DC -at-
around 2kW), and extended running, perhaps 15-20 min. I attributed the
heating due to inductive heating, what do you think? See my photos running
with half-wave pulsed DC at http://www.pond-dot-net/~davidt/webdoc2.htg/Photos.htm


David Trimmell

At 03:20 PM 5/9/00 , you wrote:
>Original Poster: "R.E.Burnett" <R.E.Burnett-at-newcastle.ac.uk> 
>Hi guys,
>The subject of feeding a TC primary with RF from a switching power
>supply seems to frequently appear on this list.  Last month an oppotunity
>presented itself for me to try this out.  (Why let Alan Sharp and Terry
>have all the fun ;-)
>I have added some pictures, text and schematics of the solid state coil
>to my web page here:
>It takes a while to load,  but I wanted to include pictures of the
>different types of sparks.  Comments and suggestion are welcomed.
>There is also a list of items for sale at the UK Corby Teslathon here:
>							Cheers,
>							-Richie,