David Hutchison

(Terry, I sent a similar message last week, but I guess it got lost. -cfb)

Hi everyone,

I am sorry to report that last Wednesday morning May 3, David 
Hutchison passed away.  Quoting a message sent out by the New York 
Stereoscopic Society: "He died peacefully after a brave and difficult 
battle with pancreatic cancer.  He was 53 years old."

David and I got in touch through this list back in '97 when we 
discovered that we both lived nearbye in New York.  He was looking 
for parts for tube coils at the time, and joked about forming the 
TCBONYC with just two members.  One of his main interests was stereo 
photography, and he was actively involved in the New York 
Stereoscopic Society which holds regular meetings at the American 
Museum of Natural History.

David wanted to see what stereoscopic photos of an operating Tesla 
coil would look like, so in Spring '98 we decided to try some 
experimental photo shoots of a new 6" PT powered "apartment coil" I 
had just finished.  My livingroom was tiny and I vividly remember 
being barely out of range, all the lights out,  while bright arcs hit 
the ceiling and walls....David manning the stereoscopic camera (never 
flinching!), me at the variac, and my soon to be wife Diane crouched 
behind the sofa.    David later tried taking stereoscopic shots of 
larger coils at various Teslathons.

David worked as an editor at Starlog magazine, and was also very 
interested in computer graphics.  He kept a mini Jacob's ladder as 
well as some other high-voltage toys on his desk at work, and 
referred to them as his mini mad scientist's lab.  He had a great 
sense of humor.  He was also a member of the performing company of 
the Metropolitan Opera.  Last year we got out of touch, and I was 
surprised and saddened to hear that he had been sick and had passed 

Charles Brush