36 gauge coil

Hi all

This weekend I find a roll of 1 Kg of 36 gauge wire and I want to roll
the best coil I could with that wire. From the table I have: for that
gauge you roll 175 turns/inch most of you like to have 1500 turns in
there coil that give a coil of 8.6 inch length and for a ratio of 4.5 a
diameter of 1.9"  or for a ratio of 5 a  diameter of 1.72 , practicable
between 1.75" and 2". If some of you have other suggestions fell free to

post but please explain the dimensions you suggest. By the way this size

of wire is the hardest thing I never try to wind whit out breaking it.

Tx in advance.

Luc Benard(Montreal)