Hi all... due to the problems I am reposting a mail that had no response.
hope cause of probs... :)
Maybe my questions are a bit funny for the pros... but I would like to ask the
I was wondering about power limiting issues, in effect a friend told that a
primary ballast, 
is it resistive or inductive, will reduce the voltage input to the transformer
... is this right ? 
So, what do you think is the good combination ?  Variac and ballast ? Variac
only ? Variable ballast only ???
Imagine I want to build a "Triac based" (I have a 400 Volt 20 Ampere one) watt
absosption limiter rated 
for something like 1.5KVA maximum, am I going the right way to limit current
absorption from the transformer ?
Is this triac suitable for coil use ???
This cause I would like to have a "precise" limiting value... with a nice
tweedling knob there to play with power ;) 
They also sell kits for power limiting use nice for brush motors and the
like... What about these ?
I imagine all of these will cause a voltage drop or any weird sinusoid split
too...   :-\

Tnx to all for any help
ciao ciao