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     I've never posted this list, yet, even though I've been on it for about
3 years! I've read a lot of posts because I wanted to get involved as soon
as resources would permit, but that's not yet happened. I've saved all the
posts, about 12,000 of them! Does the Tesla list have an archive containing
all past posts? If so, where, and how is it accessed. Sorry to hear that the
list may be having administration problems. I hope I'm not missing any
posts. I find them interesting, resourceful, and thorough for interested "
Tesla-onians ".
       Hope this message helps you find any administration errors. Keep up
the good work.
    P.S.   Do any Tesla enthusiasts attend the Dayton Hamvention in Ohio
 May 19, 20, 21/2000 )? Or is that considered an " out of place " function
to attend for this group? Thanks,
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> Greetings all,
> Thank you all for your responses to my request for replies.  It definitely
> confirms that mail is getting out to you all.
> It appears that mail is getting lost in the queue between my ISP and me
> under certain circumstances.
> If you have sent a non-admin message to the list for posting, please let
> me know so I can start tracking down any problems on that end.
> Thanks again for all your help in figuring out this problem.
> Chip
> List owner