Re: Flat Ribbon Conductors

>  I have heard that you can buy
>  copper roof flashing (haven't ever seen any though) or you can use
>  aluminum roof flashing.


Several on the list have reported finding copper flashing at Home Depot.  
Otherwise, any large roofing contractor could tell you where to purchase 
this.  The disadvantage is that it is unlikely to come in the width you may 
desire, necessitating cutting to width, plus some splicing.

I have some "plumber's tape" (which is really metal strap with holes in it) 
that is solid copper -- .75" width by .032" thickness.  It has .295" holes on 
.465" centers.  I suspect it has substantial enough capacity for the primary 
of a medium-sized TC.  Look for this product at around $10 for a roll of 25 
feet -- more expensive than the often-used refrigeration tubing, but easy to 
use and to mount.  (Beware plumber's tape that is copper-plated steel.)

Additionally, a search on "lightning protection" on the web will turn up a 
wide variety of copper ribbon in many widths and thicknesses.

Hope this helps!


Michael Tandy