Re: Industrial Lighting Ballasts

There are a variety of these illumination transformers available from the
various surplus dealers: Herbach and Rademan, C&H, and others.  They seem
to run about 4500V open circuit, around 400-500 mA short circuit, and about
$50 each.

Insulation to the core is always an issue if you start stacking them. Some
have had good luck running them in oil.  The shunts look easily removeable,
although I haven't tried on mine.

I have wired up 4 together to make a "big NST" at 18+kV around 250 mA that
I use for jacob's ladders and the like. 

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> Subject: Industrial Lighting Ballasts
> Date: Friday, May 05, 2000 11:12 PM
> Original Poster: "Gregory R. Hunter" <ghunter-at-accucomm-dot-net> 
> Any commercial/industrial lighting experts out there?  I vaguely recall a
> thread many months back about certain industrail lamp ballasts which are
> actually high voltage shunted transformers (4500vac/450ma).  Can anyone
> shed any light on heavy duty lamps ballasts suitable for use in a high
> voltage power supply?  Who uses them, where one can find them, etc?
> Best Regards,
> Greg