Tesla Magnifier

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Sent: Wednesday, May 03, 2000 8:54 PM
Subject: Tesla Magnifier

Hello everyone,
    I've read Bert Pool's paper on tesla magnifiers and, instead of
answering questions I had, it brought up all new ones.  Could someone
explain to me (or point me to a good resource) how tesla magnifiers work
and how I could make one.  Tesla magnifiers seem more conventional than
conventional tesla coils (still with me?).  Anywhoo, I would like to built
a really nice small model simply to demonstrate the principle.  Could
anyone help me out?
Thank you,
This message must have been deleted or something, so I thought I'd send it
through again.    
Since I wrote this I've been reading abould ball lightning.  More
specifically, Corum's ball lightning paper.  He says that ball lightning
(reffered to as BL later on) was the result of a higher frequency imposed
on a lower frequency coil.  If this is true, than there's another reason
tesla saw BL more than us.  He used an extra coil in most of his coils.