Re: Flat Ribbon Conductors

Well I really want to improve effeicency all around. It goes without
saying that high performance caps, gaps, tank wiring, secondary coil form
and toroid will be used. But I don't want to overlook all the small
details like the primary. As I understand it, a flat conductor will have
a lot more surface area for the RF current to travel (less resistancedue
to skin effect) thereby improving effiecency. Granted such a small change
wouldn't not add an extra mile of streamer length, but this is part of
the challenge of extracting every morsel of wattage available for
streamers...I mean come on if you can make a coil that will comfortably
spew 3' of discharge, or the same coil with a few extra details taken
care of adding a few more inches or feet, which one would you rather
have? This is all apart of building the best possible coil that I can, it
is one of the joys of coiling!

However if you just slap on some larger diameter copper tubing, i think
you would get less disirable coupling...although I am not an expert here,
I might be overly paranoid.

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