Re: Searching for Electode Material

The resistivity of zinc is about 2.5 times that of copper. melting point is
419.58deg C (copper 1084.5). Zinc actually oxidises in air at a far lower
temperature than this. Brass bolts and studding should be available from
many engineering suppliers, also try a boatyard or chandlers.
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Subject: Searching for Electode Material

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> Hello, I'm looking for some better conductor for my air-blast gap than
> what I'm currently using.  I have 1/4" steel bolts for electrodes right
> now, and I realize that steel is not good, but I can't find any copper or
> brass or aluminum bolts.  (Isn't brass just copper with a sodium hydroxide
> shell?)  Also, does anyone have any info on the conductivity/heat
> dissipation of zinc?
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